Many thanks to everyone who supported our Kickstarter campaign!

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our kickstarter campaign to bring our press to life in 2018, funding five new titles to be published throughout the year.

Over the 4 week campaign, thanks to your generosity, we raised a total of £7863, far exceeding our target of £6000.

This will enable us to publish 4 ‘Pocket Essays’ (small, stylish personal essays that excavate and explore the contemporary world), as well a collection of short stories by visual arist and activist David Wojnarorwicz.

There is more information on all these titles below. If you missed out on the kickstarter, and would like to pre-order any of the books, or buy a subscription to our Pocket Essays, please visit our shop [insert link]

Mixed-Race Superman by poet Will Harris, is a reflection on the lives of two very different supermen: Barack Obama and Keanu Reeves. In an era where a man endorsed by the Klu Klux Klan can sit in the White House, Will Harris asks what two men who have been embedded in our collective consciousness can teach us about race and heroism.

The Waterfront Journals by David Wojnarowicz is a series of monologues that create a visceral and carnivalesque mosaic of life at the fringes of late-80s America. The book will also contain pieces by Olivia Laing and Philip Hoare on David Wojnarowicz’s writing. We are delighted to publish the book for the first time in the UK – frankly, we were amazed it hadn’t been published here already.

Fidelity, by Booker-Prize winning translator Deborah Smith, is an essay that looks at the art of translation, fidelity and her experience of translating The Vegetarian.

In Exposure novelist Olivia Sudjic writes about the anxiety epidemic, exposure and auto-fiction.

And finally, Losers, an essay in which psychoanalyst and professor Josh Cohen writes about love, literature and politics – teaching us to take pride in embracing our inner loser.

Thanks, once more, for all of your support!