Weird Fucks

Weird Fucks

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by Lynne Tillman

A brilliant novella from a legendary figure in American fiction

A young woman drifts through dimly lit bars and rented rooms, reporting from the erogenous zones of New York and Europe. Encountering increasingly bizarre sexual situations, she turns her curious, comic, and fierce eye onto the contemporary world of sex and desire.

The men of this world evade and simper, they prey, preen, and fall hopelessly in love. In the narrator’s deadpan portraits, we see young women indulging their freedom through hope and disappointment, and young men wearing various guises of masculinity.

This novella surprises with unlikely fucks, disturbing fucks, outlandish fucks, and some truly weird fucks – all written with the smart, elegant, and tough style which could only be that of Lynne Tillman.

Praise for Weird Fucks

‘Weird Fucks. Killer sentences. This sex is hilarious, this sex is devastating, this sex is life. Lynne Tillman is the greatest.’ – Charlie Porter

‘Weird Fucks is better than sex, it’s a literary mindfuck, it blew me away…’ – Stewart Home